What do you mean by satisfaction guarantee?
If there's a quality problem with your order we will replace any defective decals for free.


Returns & refunds

We maintain a less than 1% defect rate. However, if there is an issue with your order, contact us with the problem. We will reproduce any defective decals.


Can I return my order if I do not like it?
If there is a problem with your order, contact us with the problem and we will address it accordingly. Quality issues are rare, but they happen on occasion.


How much does shipping cost?

We offer free domestic shipping across the entire United States. There is a variable fee for any foreign shipments outside of the United States. 


Shipping to Canada: $15

We love our Canadian neighbors. Unfortunately, we no longer offer free shipping to Canada because of the high cost. 
Currently, our system does not automatically add the shipping charge at checkout. Therefore we will automatically send you an invoice for shipping shortly after placing your order.  If you prefer to pay only once, we are happy to send you a customized invoice with all charges.


Worldwide Shipping:
We ship worldwide.  Please contact us for the international shipping rates near you.  


When will my order arrive?
Your order will arrive 3-5 business days after production. 


Can you rush my order?
Yes.  We can rush your order for an additional fee.  Please contact us for expedited rate information.


What is your turnaround time?
Standard turnaround time for all orders is one to three business days.


Can I pick up my order at your facility?
No, we do not allow local pick-ups or visits to our facility.


Can I update my shipping address on an existing order?
Yes, send us your new address via email and we will update it for you.


Can you deliver my order on an exact date?
No, since we aim to ship every order as fast as possible it's common for orders to arrive sooner than expected. We are not able to hold an order to ship on a specific date for delivery on an exact ...


Can I require someone to sign for my order when it arrives?
No, we're not able to flag an order to require a signature.


Do you offer free shipping to Hawaii and Alaska?
Yes, we ship for free to Hawaii and Alaska via USPS. 


Why was my shipment lost?
RangeDecals uses the services UPS and USPS to deliver packages. If your order is lost, please contact us. We provide free shipping to our customers within the U.S. 


Why was my order returned to you?
Orders are most often sent back to us because the address was missing an apartment, suite, or floor number. Other missing information and typos can cause a return as well.

What surfaces are suitable for "Film-Free" decals?
Our "Film-Free" decals are designed to adhere to stoves, ovens, ranges and most appliances. 


About "Film Free"


What makes your "Film-Free" decals different from others?
Advanced Technology!


We don’t sell decals that have been cut out on a vinyl cutting machine, which ends up leaving a slightly raised decal that can be felt by swiping your fingers over it. Nor do we sell a clear transparent decal "sticker", which leaves that "sticker outline" making it obvious it’s a sticker. Some people may like those decal styles because they are easy to apply by peeling off the decal backing and stick it on. The problem with those decals is they are not durable and tend to rub off or are easily scratched.


We are proud to use a brand-new technology of "Film-Free" decal paper, which doesn’t leave any of the issues the other guys may have.  As the name suggests, the decal leaves no film, only the decal ink on your appliance.  Our decals are the closest to the manufactures decals found on new appliances. This brand-new technology allows you to apply your decal without having to worry about trimming the image as only the image is transferred to the surface.


How do I apply "Film-Free" decals?
There are a few extra steps that need to be taken compared to the other decals mentioned above where the backing is taken off and then stick it on your appliance.  The only true way to achieve a professional appearance and the strength of the decal to hold up to the everyday wear and tear will require about 5-10 minutes vs. 60 seconds of your time. 

We have streamlined the entire process of attaching "Film-Free" decals and have made it extremely easy for you. When your decals are shipped to you we include everything you need to professionally attach them. There is nothing you need to buy. The only thing you will need is a hairdryer or heat gun as the product has to be cured thoroughly to become durable.

Refer to the "How To" Video with step by step instructions on how to apply Film Free decals.


What is Curing and why is it required?

Most vinyl decals (which we don't do) either leaves behind a jagged-edged look, which usually is caused by the type of cutting machine used. Or the decal is similar to a sticker, which has a permanent transparent film covering it. That film is what makes the decal adhere to the surface.  It also is what makes it look like an actual sticker. (We don't use that type either)


We use the new technology of "Film-Free".  Simply put,  "No film with more durability".


With our product, you don't have to worry about the negative drawbacks previously mentioned because you can remove the final film, leaving only the image left on the surface. Curing with a hairdryer or heat gun completely transfers the ink from the film to the substrate. The substrate is then heated a second time with the hairdryer or heat gun to enhance durability. The two-step heat application gives the film-free much better durability than any other decal paper.


Are there any Tips or Tricks to applying the "Film-Free" decals?
The trick to successfully applying these decals is in the solvent and the heat. The hotter and longer you can cure the decal will transfer the ink over and bake it into your appliance. 


Once the ink transfers over and you remove the final film. Try heating the decal one final time baking it into play. This is the same process most manufacturers use when applying decals. The decals can withstand temperatures as high as 400F. So don't be shy to heat the decal. Since all hairdryers and their temperatures are different. You may need to get closer to the decal or apply the heat for a longer period.  Using a heat gun is an excellent alternative. If you do not own a heat gun or unable to borrow one from a neighbor or friend, the good news is they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. 


Be careful not to make scratches after application as the ink is still weak for about 24 hours.


Are "Film-Free" decals waterproof?
Yes, our "Film-Free" decals are ideal for all appliances that can be cleaned with soap and water.   


What's the best way to remove my old decals?
You can try using rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining old decals.  However we have found that acetone (fingernail polish remover) works the best. 


What's the best way to care for and clean the new decals?
Decals can be cleaned with soap and warm water or a mild everyday cleaner without harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.  Rubbing alcohol and acetone are intended for removing old decals. You should not scratch the decal right after application as it hardens over time.

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We offer free domestic shipping across the entire USA. There is a variable fee for any foreign shipments outside of the United States. 

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