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Decal Sizing Guide

How to choose the right size decals for your appliance?


Good news - all of our decals are already sized to perfection! But if you're thinking custom, you might need to measure those knobs. Don't sweat it; we've got a guide to nail those measurements down.

Measuring Oven Knobs | Range Decals

Oven Knob Sizes

We provide decals in virtually all sizes.  However, these are the 5 most popular sizes across manufacturers.   


  • 46mm (1.81")

  • 50mm (1.97")

  • 52mm (2.05")

  • 58mm (2.29")

  • 62mm (2.44")

How to measure the knob dimension?

Determine what size knobs you currently have. 

To do this, remove your knob from your appliance.

Finding the Right Size: How to Determine Oven Knob Size

Measure the diameter of your knob.

Got those custom knob measurements in hand? Perfect! For our standard offerings, we've got you covered with predefined sizes, no guesswork needed. But when venturing into custom territory, size does matter. Take our example: the showcased knob is nestled between 50mm (1.97") and 52mm (2.05"). To keep that knob from playing peekaboo with the decal lettering, a nudge upwards in size does the trick. Hence, 52mm (2.05") is your go-to choice.

Choosing the Correct Size: How to Determine Oven Knob Size
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