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Range Decals stands apart not just in technology but also in our promise to you. Unlike competitors who might offer a 30-day warranty, boasting it as the best in the industry, we set a new standard with our unparalleled one-year satisfaction guarantee. This commitment reflects our confidence in the durability and quality of our product, ensuring that your investment is protected for a full year, the longest warranty available in the market.


The Difference You Can Feel


At the heart of our innovation is the film-free process, a stark contrast to the conventional sticker and vinyl cutouts used by others. These traditional methods leave a tactile bump on your appliance, a reminder that what you have is an addition, not a restoration. Our patented technology transcends this limitation by baking the ink directly into your appliance's surface. This process ensures that your fingers glide smoothly over the decals, without detecting any raised edges or bumps, restoring your appliance to its pristine, manufactured glory.


Our Commitment to Fair Value


In an industry where visibility is often bought rather than earned, Range Decals takes a different path. We've noticed a trend where significant investments in Google AdWords campaigns are used to dominate search results, a strategy that not only increases visibility but also inflates product prices to cover these extensive advertising costs. At Range Decals, we choose integrity over inundation. Rather than engaging in a bidding war for the top ad spots, we invest in the quality and innovation of our products. This approach has naturally placed us at the forefront of organic search results, a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our prices reflect the value of our product, not the cost of an ad campaign, ensuring that when you choose Range Decals, you're opting for unparalleled quality at a fair price.


Why Choose Range Decals?


It's about more than just making a choice between a sticker, a vinyl decal, and our film-free technology. It's about choosing a company that stands for quality, innovation, and integrity. With Range Decals, you're not just restoring your appliance; you're investing in a solution that brings it back to its original glory, supported by the longest warranty and at a price that reflects true value.

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